Mr Steam Carpet Care

Your carpeting is a significant investment. Dirt can act as an abrasive, causing your
carpeting to wear and need replacement prematurely. That is why we recommend you clean your carpet on average once a year. Our cleaning process will remove any dust
and dirt that has accumulated over time without any residue protecting and extending
the life of your investment.

There are a wide range of different carpet types and textures. Our technicians are trained to identify the problem areas with each carpet and utilize the right cleaners and spotting agents to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Carpet Protection

In addition to cleaning we offer carpet protection application. Our carpet protector acts as a protective barrier preventing stains from sinking deep within the carpet. If you would like information on pricing and would like to know if a carpet protection application is right for you please send us an E-mail or give us a call.

Deodorizer Application

We carry a variety of deodorizers that are specifically developed to help treat those unwanted smells. If a dog or cat is the culprit, our technicians can use a black light to
help identify the source of the odor and treat it with the correct deodorizer. For pricing information please feel free to give us a call or send us an E-mail.