Mr Steam Carpet Care

Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning utilizes its hot water based steam cleaning on upholstery as well. Whether it is a stained mattress or your pet’s favorite chair, if it can be cleaned
with water we will gladly take on the job. Our staff will analyze the material and cleaning instructions and use a gentle cleaning process to clean up your favorite recliner or sofa. We will clean every aspect of your upholstery including the backs and pillows. We also offer deodorizer application and upholstery protection.

If you are uncertain whether or not your upholstery can be cleaned with water, there is usually a tag located underneath a cushion. Similar to clothing, this tag has recommended cleaning instructions. Often times, a solvent clean is recommended on the tag even though water based (when done properly) is much more effective at removing dirt and stains. If your upholstery does not have a tag, or you would like our professional opinion please contact us we will help decide whether our water based extraction can be used.

Area Rugs

We have the ability to clean a variety of area rugs with our gentle cleaners under lower temperatures. Our technique helps preserve the colorfastness while removing the dirt and stains. We can either clean your area rugs at your residential location or we can pick up your area rug and steam it at our office location.

If your home has all hard-wood floors, or you would rather we dry the rug at our
location we can set up a time to pick up your rug. We will then clean and dry it using
our specialized system. Upon completion, we will gladly drop your favorite rug back off
to you within the next three to five business days. Please contact us for available pick up times and pricing information.